Community Development District Websites

Florida has declared it law for Community Development Districts to have websites

As of July 1, 2014 Florida Senate Bill 1632 amends Chapter 189 took effect. This constitutes that beginning October 1, 2015, or by the end of the first full fiscal year after its creation, each special district shall maintain an official internet website containing the information required by Florida Statute 189.069 in accordance with s.189.016.

What can VGlobalTech do for you?

We will create and manage a website in accordance with the state laws, including backups. Beyond just being compliant with the law, your website will also benefit the community. It will display important information about meetings, financial information, newsletters, and anything else you would need to share.

Homeowners Association Websites

A homeowners association website will help bring important information such as events, announcements, official documents, etc with your residents, anywhere. People will be able to access information anytime they need it saving you tons of money annually on printing, mailing, and administration costs.

Make sure residents are always up to date with the community and what is expected with them. They will always know what you are doing to benefit the community and benefiting their lives. Ready to take the next steps? See the benefits? Then get in touch with VGlobalTech to start building your new HOA site today.

Municipality Websites

Downtown Tampa along the Hillsborough River

Would you like to engage your citizens and draw in more visitors? A website is an easy answer! Take a look below to view just a few of the benefits you will experience from a municipality website.

Benefits for Citizens

  • Allows them to stay on top of current events and issues
  • Gives citizens a means of expressing opinions on city affairs
  • They can report issues and hazards throughout the city (i.e. potholes, broken streetlights, etc.)
  • Alert the people about emergencies and warnings easily
  • Keep them up to date on events throughout the city

Benefits for Tourism

  • Share a calendar of events and happenings throughout the city
  • Share the wonderful history of your city
  • Describe different landmarks and locations worth visiting
  • Give tourists resources for planning a visit to the city
  • Boost your economy and inspire people to learn more and appreciate your city

At the core of these benefits, you will notice the local government will better understand the needs of the people, you will reach your goals easier than you ever thought, and you will build a better life and future for the entire city.

Don’t wait to get started, contact VGlobalTech today to get started with a brighter future.

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